Residential Estate

A leader in residential landscape services, McAllister Landscaping is thoughtful and meticulous while caring for beautifully landscaped homes throughout Central Florida. The personalized attention to detail is enriched with our top quality – hand selected products. Every week, McAllister Landscaping’s goal is to deliver the highest level of landscape care succeeding expectations year-round.

Commercial Property

McAllister Landscaping delivers professional and reliable service to commercial real estate owners and managers throughout the Greater Orlando area. Combining local expertise and exceptional resources, the crew understands that well-maintained landscape attracts people and adds value to your real estate investment. McAllister Landscaping has built a solid reputation by providing every client unparalleled customer service and high quality care.



Maintain & Mow Lawn

Mowing of all turf areas will occur weekly during the growing season and when needed, but never less than every two weeks, during the non-growing season. Mowing height will be no more than three inches and no less than two inches. Grass clippings will be hand raked, bagged and removed after each mow to maintain a fresh property appearance.

All sidewalks, curbs, patios and hardscape surfaces will be edged during each property visit. The areas will be adequately maintained to preserve a healthy edge on all landscaped spaces.


Shrub and Hedge Trimming & Shaping

Weekly trimming and shaping of all shrubs and hedges will maintain a crisp property appearance conforming to the landscape design intended by the owner. Continuous care of the plants shall be taken to ensure the natural shape and growth patterns are sustained.


Hand Weeding & Raking of Beds

Weekly removal of weeds from flowerbeds, mulch beds and turf areas will be completed by hand and controlled on a continual basis. Weeds that grow in cracks and hardscape surfaces will be eliminated as they occur. Additionally, all beds are meticulously hand raked every visit.


Cleanup & Removal Debris

Each week, the litter and landscape debris created during the work process will be collected, bagged and removed.


Monitor & Repair Irrigation Systems

Weekly monitoring and on site repairs to the irrigation system will be completed. For instances that require additional attention, there will be coordination with a previously agreed upon service provider.


Additional Services

  • Seasonal Annuals & Mulching
  • Landscape Design & Installation
  • Landscape Renovations
  • Trim & Prune Trees
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Storm Clean-up
  • Weed Control & Fertilization